For 11 consecutive years, Longyuan Group has been listed in Fortune 500 again!

Time : 2020-07-28

Sevenmonth2SevenChina fortune.comtwo thousand and twentyFortune ChinaFive hundredStrong rankings. Longyuan Group is on the list again and has been in a rowElevenFortune China inFive hundredStrong.

According to the list, there areTwenty-eightInfrastructure and construction enterprises were listed.two thousand and nineteenIt is the first year after the "new infrastructure" was deployed by the central economic work conference. However, due to its relatively low absolute proportion in fixed assets investment, the "old infrastructure" still plays an indispensable role in the process of achieving "stable growth" of the economy.

Wealth ChinaFive hundredList of infrastructure and construction enterprises 

two thousand and nineteenIn, Longyuan Group realized the annual operating revenue214.2SevenBillion yuan, a year-on-year increase6.01%In whichPPPbusiness income8Seven.5SevenThe net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company isten point two oneBillion yuan, a year-on-year increase10.69%。 The group's performance continues to grow, profitability continues to strengthen, and the company's asset size and net assets are steadily improved.

Fortune ChinaFive hundredThe strong list covers all Chinese companies listed both inside and outside China, and the annual revenue threshold of the listed companies this year is close to that1Seven8Billion yuan, an increase of nearly 100 million yuan compared with last year10%。 Last year ChinaGross domestic productBreachNinety-nineTrillion yuan, which means on the listFive hundredThe total income of the listed companies still exceeds that of China in that yearGross domestic productHalf of it. 

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