"Two top honors in China steel industry"!

Time : 2020-08-07

two thousand and twentyyearSevenIn June, China Construction Metal Structure Association announced the list of the first batch of "China steel structure Gold Award" projects in the 14th session, and the construction general contracting projects undertaken by Longyuan construction group——ABBXiamen Industrial Center ProjectTP-0TwoCThe steel structure and roof layer professional project of Ruijin Sports Center Stadium undertaken by Zhejiang Dadi Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dadi steel structure") was awarded the honorary title of the first batch of "China steel structure Gold Award" in the 14th session.

China steel structure gold award is one of the few national high-quality engineering awards approved by the State Council. It is the highest honorary award for engineering quality in the field of steel structure. The selection objects are all kinds of building steel structure projects undertaken by construction steel structure manufacturing and installation enterprises in China, and their engineering quality has reached the leading level in China.

ABBXiamen Industrial Center ProjectTP-0TwoCBid section

ABB Xiamen Industrial CenterTP-0TwoCThe project is located in Xiang'an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, covering an area of aboutforty-eight thousand one hundred and fourMTwo, with a building area of aboutfifty-six thousand four hundred and fifty-four point five eightThe total steel structure of the project is aboutfive thousand and three hundredTons. The project is divided intoPPHVProduction plant, high voltage test towerTwoAreas.PPHVProduction plant continuous multi span rigid frame, maximum spanTwo4.4m。 The roof of high-pressure technical tower is a long-span steel truss system with the maximum span41.4m。 With first-class management, first-class technology and first-class service, the group has overcome the construction difficulties such as large truss span and difficult lifting operation under the premise of ensuring the engineering quality and construction safety, and successfully passed the acceptance of "Gold Award for steel structure".

Steel structure and roof of Ruijin Sports Center Stadium

Ruijin Sports Center Stadium as a national class B stadium, the total floor areaOne hundred and fiftyMu, with a large span, complex structural modeling, high construction difficulties. The highest point of the upper arc center of the canopy structure isforty point fiveM, reinforced concrete structure, steel structure alloy roof. Wide structureTwo0TwoMeter, longTwo19The total construction area isTwo513Seven.SevenSevenThe roof is composed of four parts, the whole is curved surface, and the total steel consumption is up tofive thousand three hundred and eightyTons. In quality control, scientific and technological innovation, safety management, green construction and other aspects have reached the domestic advanced level. Since its opening, it has hosted many national, provincial, municipal and county-level events and activities.

At the same time, the project and the Shanghai Fengxian District Four regiment primary school complex building new general contract project won togetherTwo019year度浙江省鋼結構金剛獎。大地鋼構還榮獲Two019year度浙江省鋼結構和幕墻門窗行業“先進企業”榮譽稱號,入選“誠信企業AAAAA”Directory.

Dadi steel structure is an important part of the whole construction plate of Longyuan construction group,Two005year由龍元控股收購,是國內外知名的鋼結構國際先進制造業基地,代表著龍元在鋼結構專業領域的先進水平。大地鋼構集國際化設計、采購、制作、安裝、貿易、服務于一體,具有建筑工程施工總承包壹級、鋼結構專業承包施工壹級資質、輕型鋼結構專項設計甲級資質,是中國金屬結構協會定點生產企業。海外項目遍及北美、歐亞、非洲、澳洲等各大洲數十個國家,海外工程占比高達30-40%It has achieved a high international reputation and reputation.

A number of awards in the field of steel structure confirm the professional level of Longyuan Construction Group in the field of steel structure, and establish a good image for the group in the steel structure production market, and lay a solid foundation for undertaking more steel structure projects in the later stage. Longyuan Construction Group will continue to upholdWith the concept of "prospering the industry through quality", we will build more and better quality projects and projects, and make greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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